The checklist below will help provide you with the information required for a successful customer onboarding journey.  

  • Install the OmniRouter
    This video will guide you through the install of the OmniRouter. Refer to Knowledge Base entry
    How to setup our OmniRouter for additional info.

  • Configure your Modality
    The key to transmitting data to your OmniPACS account is configuring the medical device or modality to send data to the OmniRouter. This usually involves the device technical support or technician in charge of basic device/modality configuration. All modalities will require three basic values to be configured to successfully send data to the OmniRouter:
     IP, PORT, AET

        1. The modality should be on the same network as the PC running the OmniRouter, or if more complex routing is already setup, the device should be on the same network.

        2. The modality configuration settings needs to allow for the addition of a new DICOM AE title (AET).

    We've provided a sample email or letter (see below) that one can give to a modality technician to help guide them through the configuration of their modality to the OmniRouter.  

    Example Email:

    Dear John Doe,

    I'm sending you the following DICOM Application Entity information so that you can configure your modalities to send data to my OmniPACS® account. If you have any questions please contact


        IP: [Insert actual IP]

        Port: [Insert actual port - usually 7775]

        AET: OMNI

    Thank You,

  • Complete Image Upload
    Information regarding the options and steps to upload your data can be found within the following Knowledge Base entry How do I upload data to my account? 

  • Complete Image Sharing
    The ability to share data is the reason OmniPACS was developed. But before you can share data you need to make sure you have data to share and you have contacts to share it with!

    To Begin: You must own data to share it - therefore you must have re-sharing rights on data someone has shared with you or has been sent directly to your account from an OmniRouter.

    Build your Network of Contacts! You can only share data with authorized users of OmniPACS so - if you want to share studies with someone you need to make them a contact of yours or invite them to join OmniPACS and become one of your contacts.

    The following Knowledge Base entries provide additional details on sharing data:
        Sharing data with a referring physician
    Sharing data with a patient

  • Discover the OmniPACS Customer Portal
    The video below provides a walk-though of creating a support ticket and checking the status of the ticket.

  • Initial Checkpoint Call
    You should receive an automated email approximately 2 days after the start of your onboarding journey. Use the link provided within the email to schedule a quick checkpoint call. This call will be used to track the progress of your onboarding journey and help answer any questions or concerns.

  • Final Checkpoint Call
    You should receive a final automated email approximately 4 days after the start of your onboarding journey.  Use the link provided within the email to schedule a final checkpoint call.This call will be used to answer any remaining questions and to assist with closing out your onboarding journey.  For PAYG customers, this meeting will also be used to provide you with your Customer Success Credit.