We are actively looking to stream line the launching behavior or our Java Viewer for MAC. Note this is a general JAVA issue, not inherent issues with our software.  We will be releasing an updated version soon, that will make this a seamless experience.  In the mean time we suggest you use the "Basic" viewer which is cross platform compatible.  Or you can follow the following directions to get the viewer to load: 

  1. Make sure JAVA is installed on your Mac, http://java.com/dt-redirect
  2. Launch a study from the OmniPACS worklist
  3. A CHILI Webstart screen will load prompting you to download the java file (click download)
  4.  Open your Downloads folder and locate the JNLP file (ex. BeIndex.jnlp
  5.  Right-click (or Control-click) the jnlp file and then select "Open With > Java Web Start.app"