We are excited to announce the new merged OmniPACS and RemotePACS Websites! Nothing will change about how you access your data or how you may be sharing or uploading to us.  You will enjoy these new features seamlessly.

With the launch you will enjoy:

  1. New look and Feel - for a better user experience (Home)

  2. Better Support - peace of mind and confidence. (Support)

  3. Pay-as-you-go model -  metered billing (Subscribe)

  4. Subscription Packages -  that can save you money!  (Subscribe)

  5. Enterprise Services - to help just when you need it (Support)

Coming Soon you can expect:

  1. Referral Rewards Program

  2. New Viewer and Mobile Support

  3. Advance Reporting and Image Analytics

  4. Enterprise Service Bus for Integration with your reporting, scheduling, or printing systems.

Price change:

All accounts will be upgraded to our pay-as-you-go package, which guarantees you a rate of $2 a case.   The new rates will take effect on September 1st 2018.

If you are interested in saving on your cost per study, sign up for one of our subscription programs (Signup) and lock in a better rate.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Or you can simply reply to this email, phone us directly, or try out our new support service (Support)