The OmniRouter is typically used in situations where there is a constant flow of studies to be uploaded to OmniPACS. So usually there is a modality like an ultrasound machine, or an existing PACS that needs to be configured to send to the OmniRouter. Is this the case with your location?

If you would like to just like to upload a patient CD or you already have the image files on your local computer, you can use our Upload tool from within your OmniPACS account without using the OmniRouter. To do this you would:

  1. Log in with your OmniPACS account at

  2. Once logged in, you should see a button on the left side "CD/File Upload" which you should click

  3. This will launch the OmniPACS upload tool. You should select the "Files" tab or the "Patient CD" tab on the top left corner depending upon where your images should be imported from.