There are 4 types of OmniPACS accounts and their general descriptions are below but generally speaking if you intend to upload data to your account for sharing you are probably a corporate customer. If you are a doctor or another type of healthcare professional, you should choose the appropriate account.

There are four types of OmniPACS accounts:

  1. PERSONAL ACCOUNTS: OmniPACS is free for patients and allows you to have access to your medical images in a way that has never before been possible – over the Internet.

  2. PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTS: The professional account is designed for physicians, radiologists, and transcriptionists who need to collaborate in both transmitting images and performing diagnostic services.

  3. CORPORATE ACCOUNTS: The corporate account is designed for small to large size businesses that offer either in-patient or out-patient services, and for multi-physician groups and partnerships.

  4. RESELLER ACCOUNTS: With an OmniPACS Reseller Account, we give you everything you need to begin selling branded hosted PACS and Archive Services. You bill and manage the clients -- we bill you. As your volumes go up, your costs go down!

Find more and signup here: [OmniPACS Accounts]