At OmniPACS we are firm believers in remaining portable and electronic. Burning CD or DVD media is not our preferred method of sharing information. We encourage all users who are sharing information to share studies securely through the platforms. Example - if a patient asks for a cd or dvd - you should ask for their email -> invite them to the platform (on the contacts page) -> and once connected share the single study with them. This same concept should apply to whomever requires access - it should always - if possible - be shared through online access and system.

If creating portable media is an absolute requirement we do provide some tools that can make this happen. Currently our platform and viewer will allow you to export data in a number of formats (gif, jpg, and DICOM) you can do this by pulling up the study in the viewer -> click data on the right hand side of the screen -> click export -> choose a file format -> choose a directory location -> hit export. This will create local files of the study that can be copied onto a cd or dvd for further use and distribution.

You may need to install the Burn Driver on Windows here: