The ability to share data is the reason OmniPACS was developed. But before you can share data you need to make sure you have data to share and you have contacts to share it with!

To Begin: You must own data to share it - therefore you must have re-sharing rights on data someone has shared with you or has been sent directly to your account from an OmniRouter.

Build your Network of Contacts! You can only share data with authorized users of OmniPACS so - if you want to share studies with someone you need to make them a contact of yours or invite them to join OmniPACS and become one of your contacts.

  • If your interested in accessing someone's data - you should contact them and ask them to authorize you to see their data by modifying their "contact settings" on their dashboard.

  • If your interested in sharing your data with someone else - go to their contact listing on the dashboard and modify the contacts "settings" You can define rules that will automatically share data with them or you can simply enabling sharing and share studies one by one with them whenever you need to.