Uploading data to your account is easy and secure. Once you’ve signed up for an account – you have two ways of uploading data:

  1. If you have a CD or DVD from your provider and you would like to upload it to your account, so that you can view and share it with others. Go to the "Tools" item in your menu -  Click - upload - navigate the file browser to your cd/dvd drive or other file's location and click upload.

  2. If you are looking to establish a permanent connection between one of your modalities (x-ray, us, CR, CT, etc) then you can go to the “Tools” option/tab to download and install our OmniRouter®. The OmniConnector™ is a small software application that can be downloaded and distributed to as many parties as you like and can be used to upload data to your OmniPACS account. There are two ways to use the OmniRouter:

    1. Download and Install the OmniRouter and use it to upload individual files. We support all DICOM, JPG, GIFF, PIC, TIFF, and PDF formats.

    2. Download and install the OmniRouter and point your imaging modalities to it for real time capture from the modality. This option is optimal for high volume accounts, including hospitals, imaging centers, and doctors offices. More information regarding the setup and use of the OmniRouter can be found in our “How To” Section (see the OmniRouter How To).